Dating Tips

The Different Types Of Men On Dating Apps

These guys are a dime a dozen. You’ll see them all over the dating apps and recognize them easily. If you learn nothing else from their profile, at least you know they aren’t that original.

  1. No Filter

This guy is straight to the point, no small talk. I guess his awesome personality hasn’t been too successful and he is over wasting time. “That’s so hot, right?” said no girl, ever. Bye, Felipe.

  1. Forum Troll

This guy took to a bodybuilding forum to ask if his “aesthetics were enough” to bag 7/10 and above Tinder chicks, since he heard the cute “sloots” are super picky. Honey, your looks are not the problem; it is literally everything else.

  1. Carcasses Are Not Attractive

This is an automatic no. Your hunting and fishing photos gross women out.

  1. The Gun Show

I’d like to return my tickets, please.

  1. Those Earrings

I only matched with you so I could instruct you to change your settings because you are obviously not looking for women.

  1. Puppies Photos Are Cheating

To spark my interest with a photo of an adorable dog is simply not fair.

  1. Cat Man

… Or a cat, for that matter.

  1. Ex-Girlfriend

Well, this is awkward.

  1. Ladies Man

Oh, you hang out with girls. That must mean you’re a good guy!

  1. The Musician

In this particular case, he’s a poet too. Perspiration engulfing his luscious locks just doesn’t sound very appealing.

  1. Mr. Fascinating

This guy leads an interesting life and many women would call him a dreamboat. Take this as a warning sign. Keep in mind, ladies — he knows exactly how special he is and he will take full advantage of it. You’ll have a very hard time winning the heart of this man.

  1. Instagram Artist

Follow this guy to see more of his selfie art. Or, you could just not.

  1. Emoji Guy

If you can be summarized by a series of emojis, I feel really bad for you.

  1. Gun Nut

In this case he comes with a side of godawful humor.

  1. Braggadocious

Brag car, brag kitchen, brag boat – some guys just love to show off. These fellas don’t seem to realize that this attracts exactly the kind of woman that makes them think all women are superficial.

Dating Tips

Ways to Create a Strong, Intimate Relationship

There are ways that ruin relationships, but why only focus on the negative? Let’s focus on how you can create a strong relationship instead.

Don’t Go For Broke

A strong relationship isn’t built on how much money you spend on each other, but the time and effort you put forth in the relationship. That in the end will be the key to making your relationship last.

Know Where You Stand

Don’t leave your partner dazed and confused. Speak up. Again, communicate.

Don’t Focus On Your Flaws

Focusing on your flaws and your partner’s flaws. Instead focus on how you can make yourself a better person and focus on your each of your strengths. You want to have positivity in your relationship and you also want to be able to pick each other up, not put each other down.

No More Flirting With Others

Once you are in a relationship you should not be flirting with anyone but your partner Period.

Be Spontaneous

Every once in a while, get out of your relationship comfort zone. The longer you stay there, the more boring your relationship becomes and the faster your relationship starts to burn out.

A Little Romance Please

Romance is important so don’t knock it. Romance is the fire in the fireplace — the warmth and security of a relationship.

Focus On Giving Love

Real love is priceless. You can’t put a price on it no matter how hard you try. Focus on giving from your heart, not your wallet.

Keep It Simple On Social Media

Don’t broadcast your relationship for all social media to see. Because once you have your fights or disagreements, those “strangers” or friends will be part of that as well. A relationship works best when the only people involved are the two people in the relationship.

Spend Quality Time Together

Just don’t spend time together, go the extra mile. If you can’t spend every weekend together, then make it up by spending a few hours each week together.


Smile and give each other googly eyes! The saying is true, “Silence speaks a thousand words.” Especially when you the two of you are smiling at each other. It always shows that you don’t need to fill each minute you are together with words.

Have Fun Apart

Everyone has interests that their partner might not enjoy. This is more than okay. It’s good to be able to go out on your own and have some fun without your partner.

Show Proper Affection

Don’t be all over each other in public, that type of affection is for closed doors. But hold hands, hug and a little kiss in public shows not only others, but each other that you are care for each other.


Don’t be afraid to get corny and share a laugh every now and then. Laughter is the best medicine for a reason.

Be Willing To Learn From Each Other

You can learn something new about yourself and about life through looking towards your partner’s life. If he or she brings something positive to your life, let them know. Nothing brings two people closer together than sharing something about each other.


Communication is about the way people talk and listen, and about body language. When you have effective communication, you are able to make decisions, share feelings, and organize our lives.