10 Reasons You Should Cheat on Him

Reasons You Should Cheat on Him

There are certain obvious signs it’s time to have a little fun on the side.

  1. The Candy That He Ate

He gave you candy without flowers on Valentine’s Day, and as soon as you opened the candy he ate all the chocolates except the coconut one which he knew you hated.

  1. The Nasty Girl Next Door

On his laptop he replaced the screensaver of you in your wedding dress with a bikini shot of the new aerobics instructor who just moved in next door.

  1. The Flat He Expects You to Change

Last week when you had a blowout on the Interstate and pulled over on the shoulder he said, “I’ll open the trunk for you so you can change the tire.”

  1. His Cheating Co-worker

In the middle of the night on Tuesday he screamed out in his sleep: “Sabrina, I told you we can’t do this at work. Let’s wait till my wife goes to her sales expo in Akron!”

  1. The Bottle You Tried to Hide

When you confiscated all the bottles of Jack Daniels you noticed a funny smell in the paper milk carton and after he ate his Corn Flakes he began clucking like a rooster.

  1. The Grass Spot His Bad Habit Made

You noticed a strange bare spot where grass didn’t grow behind the back patio, and so you started spying on him when he went out there and discovered he took a leak on that spot every night at 7:30.

  1. The Silly Game He’d Rather Play Than Satisfy You

When you told him you were in the mood two weeks ago he came to bed at 12:30 and played Candy Crush Saga on his phone till you were out cold.

  1. His Old Aunt Betty

He deleted all the text messages from females on his phone except the ones from his sister Ruthie and his Aunt Betty in Tacoma.

  1. What He Reminds You of In Bed

He snores like a hog and claims you do.

  1. A New Partner

Because the most gorgeous guy you ever saw in your life just asked you to go to Maui with him for a week.

Dating Advice For Teen Guys

Dating Advice For Teen Guys

In today’s world, you may be surprised to know that teenagers count for 25 percent of the dating population. The percentage of teens engaging in sexual encounters with or without dating is up to 48 percent. With that said, dating and sex can be a confusing time for teens. Here are tips to help teens guys on the dating trail.

Study Up On A Girl’s Likes

Dating someone who has common interests will not only make dating more comfortable, but also more fun.

Exchange Phone Numbers

Don’t just text each other; actually talk to each other at least twice a week. Having actual conversations minus the texting will help you bond and help you both learn how to have actual conversations when you are together.

Friends First

This is the part where adults screw up. They jump right into dating without forming a friendship, and some guys think that if a girl just is being “friendly,” she isn’t interested in more. This is assuming the wrong thing.

Stay Away From Sex

As tempting as it is to engage in sexual relations, if you are under the age of 19, you really shouldn’t be engaging in sex with multiple partners. Sex makes everything complicated. Besides getting pregnant, you could also be in danger of STDs. If you are serious about your partner and dated exclusively for six months, then you take the next step.

Flirting Doesn’t Equal Pick-Up Lines

A pick-up line is NOT flirting. It’s a coward’s way of trying to get a booty call or a girl’s number. They are lame and shouldn’t be used … ever!

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Affection

Most men today are afraid to show their feelings. There is no written rule that say men can’t show their feelings. The stereotype that men are tough needs to vanish. A woman wants to know that you appreciate her, think about her and want her.

Be Clean

A complete turn-off is when a guy smells and is dirty-looking besides the cologne and aftershave overkill. Make sure you stay clean and neat as well.

Dress The Part

This does not mean you should not have your own style. Tidy yourself up, and make sure that you are clean and not wrinkled. Also, pay attention to your hair. Wear a belt regardless of whether or not the shirt you are wearing is tucked in. Opt for the clothes which are suitable for the situation. Be trendy, but still be yourself.

Don’t Be Cocky

No woman is going to care about you constantly bragging. In fact, the more you brag, the more you chase away a woman who in fact can be very suitable for you.

Use Your Manners

Today’s parents don’t teach their children manners. Not only that, but most kids today don’t even know how to respect others. Open a door for a lady, let her sit down first, be polite and respectful. That will get you far.

Pay For The First Date

Don’t be cheap. Pay for the first date. It’s called chivalry — let’s not have it be totally dead.

Group Dating Is A Great Idea

If you are nervous about going on a date alone, go out on a group date instead. Double-dating is a great idea even in 2015.

Communication Is Key

If you don’t communicate how you feel, how is she expected to know what you are thinking, wanting or feeling? Don’t fall for the stereotype that all guys need to be tough. It’s more than okay to tell her how you feel.

Stay Off Facebook

Instead of going on Facebook to talk about your relationship, here’s an idea: just talk to the person you are in a relationship with! 90 percent of divorces mention Facebook as a reason. Social media ruins relationships because instead of having face-to-face conversations, you are relying on social media.

Sexting Is A No-No

Put down the phone. I repeat, put down the phone. Stop sending sexual photos that can one day come back and haunt you. Not only that, but you are not sure what your partner will end up doing with those photos. So why risk it?