Warning Signs That Shout He’s A Stage 5 Clinger

Warning Signs That Shout He’s A Stage 5 Clinger

If the guy you’re seeing meets this criteria, it’s time to abandon ship!

He Plans For The Future

If you haven’t been seeing each other long and he’s already making plans for the future, he’s a clinger.

He’s Constantly Texting You

If he keeps texting you even though you’re clearly ignoring him, it’s time to cut him loose.

He Leaves Stuff At Your Place

A classic characteristic of a stage 5 clinger is leaving something at your place so he has an excuse to see you again.

He Knows Where You Live Even Though You Haven’t Told Him

If he knows where you live even though you never gave him your address, it’s time to run.

He Stalks Your Social Media

A stage 5 clinger will like every picture and update you post on social media.

He Doesn’t Play Hard To Get

Most guys play hard to get when they meet a new girl. If he doesn’t, you might have a stage 5 clinger on your hands

He Says You’re In A Relationship When You’re Not

He will tell his friends and your friends that you are in a serious relationship far too soon.

He Shows Up Wherever You Go

A real stage 5 clinger will start showing up to places where he knows you’ll be even though you didn’t tell him.

He Can’t Take A Hint

No matter how many hints you drop, he still won’t get the hint that you want him to leave.

He Wants To Be With You All The Time

Everyone needs their space, but a stage 5 clinger will want to be with you at all times.

He Shows Up When Another Guy Is Flirting With You

Stage 5 clingers are jealous and will show up when another guy shows an interest in you.

He Guilt Trips You

He will make you feel bad about not wanting to hang out with him until you finally give in.

He Knows Everything About The People In Your Life

He will know all the details about your friends and family members because he’s probably stalking their social media accounts.

He Shows Up To Your Work

He will do this multiple times even after you tell him to stop.

He Wants To Know Where You Are At All Times

He’s taking it too far if he is constantly wanting to know where you are.

15 Unrealistic Female Leads

15 Unrealistic Female Leads

While these these characters and the women who play them can be looked up to, many of their aspects are completely unrealistic for any real, normal human.

Cameron Diaz in The Holiday

Most Unrealistic: Having a dozen beautiful winter coats to wear in England, when you are from L.A. Also, fitting all those coats in one suitcase.

Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Most Unrealistic: Perfect job, friends, apartment, wardrobe, body, life in NYC.

Eva Mendes in The Women

Most Unrealistic: Being a woman whose only goal in life is to break up marriages and buy expensive things.

Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls

Most Unrealistic: Never having to pay for college or rent because everyone surrounding you is somehow rich and eager to help.

Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses

Most Unrealistic: Basically being a saint. Also, having 27 friends close enough to you that they want you as a bridesmaid.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Most Unrealistic: Always looking sexy and sporting cleavage while performing intense physical tasks.

Any Bond Girl

Most Unrealistic: Living to look sexy in a cocktail dress or bikini.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City

Most Unrealistic: Being able to afford those shoes, that lifestyle, and that apartment on a columnists salary.

Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

Most Unrealistic: Surviving after being hit by a bus.

Kiera Knightley in Everything

Most Unrealistic: Being flawless and seemingly made of porcelain.

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

Most Unrealistic: Being the most meticulous villain of all time and making it look doable.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

Most Unrealistic: Bouncing back to a killing machine right after being in a coma for several months.

Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer

Most Unrealistic: Dozens and dozens of men stalking her at her ice cream parlor job and bus route because she is so irresistible.

Lena Dunham in Girls

Most Unrealistic: Being a caricature of the worst kind of 20-something female.

Heike Makatsch in Love Actually

Most Unrealistic: Having only one personality trait.

How Not To Be Labeled A “Creep”

How Not To Be Labeled A “Creep”

Follow these rules to avoid “creep” status. Also, just follow them if you want to be a better human being.

Don’t Laugh at Your Own Jokes

You might miss the fact that no one else is laughing…

Don’t Only Compliment Body Parts

This makes you look sex-obsessed and immature. A woman is more than her boobs/butt/eyes/thighs etc.

Don’t Look at Her Phone

Who she is texting is none of your business, and it makes you look like a jealous weirdo if you look at her phone without her knowledge.

Don’t Ask For Pictures

Especially right away. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t Cat Call


Don’t Gossip

If you are constantly bad mouthing other people, it makes you look super immature and a little crazy.

Don’t Call All the Time

This makes you look like a stalker with a lot of time on your hands.

Don’t Assume

Just because she came over to your house does not mean she wants to sleep with you right now. Don’t ever assume. It makes you look desperate and gross.

Don’t Try and Impress With Material Things

Things only go so far. After awhile, the gifts begin to look suspicious. There are better ways to impress than with money. Money is the easy way.

Don’t Be Late

This is disrespectful and makes you a creep and a jerk. It’s like your time is more valuable than hers.

Don’t Order for Her

Let her eat/drink whatever she wants. She is not a child.

Don’t Act Like Being Gay is Bad

Dudes who are super afraid of looking feminine or seeming gay are ridiculous. This makes you look like a Grade A creep.

Don’t Try to Make Her Jealous

Talking about the other girls who want you/ that you have dated does not make you desirable. It makes you a creep.

Don’t Comment on Her Friends

Calling her friends hot or making jokes about their appearances is a serious no-no.

Don’t Call Her a Slut/Whore/Anything Mean

First of all, who are you to judge? Second of all, just don’t.

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Things You Wish Your Boyfriend Would Stop Doing

Things You Wish Your Boyfriend Would Stop Doing

We love our boyfriends — we love them so much. But sometimes we just don’t like them. There are a lot of things that can get on a woman’s nerves, and these are things we just wish our men would stop doing!

Obsessing Over Fantasy Football

I feel like fantasy sports has ruined pride in the sports community. It seems like fantasy participants don’t root for their team anymore, but for the roster of their fantasy team. Anyways, boyfriends have become obsessed with their teams which takes dozens of hours online, mixed with ridiculous group texts and extra time sucked into their cell phone. I’m over here, honey.

Farting In Front Of Me

It’s lovely that we’re so free and open with each other, but just because you feel open enough with me to do it doesn’t mean you should.

Making Fun Of My Shows

I understand you don’t like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘The Real Housewives’, but I don’t like the Redzone channel for 12 hours on Sunday or ‘Buying Alaska’. You don’t hear me complaining about it to you, do you? So leave my housewives alone.

Being Little Spoon

I don’t know where the cliche came from that men are always big spoon. In every picture, movie and television show, the man is always spooning the woman in bed. This is false. Every girlfriend knows she is the big spoon and her man is little spoon. Men turn into little babies when it comes to cuddling. Man up and hold me.

Always Wanting It In The Morning

Guys get morning wood. We get it. Unfortunately for you there is no such thing as morning moist. We don’t want it that bad in the morning. Sorry Charlie, you could at least brush your teeth before trying though.

Being Lazy Around the House

I’m a little more traditional than most women, and I feel like women should keep the house clean. I don’t expect anyone to share the same values as me when it comes to that. However, when I have to keep picking up your socks every day and finding clothes draped over the kitchen chairs, I might lose my cool. Just do the bare minimum, that’s all I ask.

Not Refilling the Toilet Paper

What is it with men and the toilet paper roll? We have to use it no matter what we’re doing in there; you only have to use it for No. 2. Maybe they feel like we need it more so it’s our responsibility. Men are the kings of getting a new roll and just sitting it on top. Come on, man; just pop the spring loaded bar out and slide it on. You should be familiar with that.

Telling Me What He Thinks I Want To Hear

Let me tell you guys, we know when you’re telling us BS. When we just woke up and have last night’s mascara caked under our eyes with our stank breath and ratchet hair and you tell us we look beautiful… please. I’d rather you tell me I look rough and laugh with me about it. We know we look like crap. This goes all across the board too, like saying you don’t like strip clubs, or you liked the new salmon dinner we cooked. Be honest, honey; we’ll appreciate it.

Letting His Hair Go Wild

Namely downtown. Men complain that women don’t give oral enough, but maybe there’s a reason for it, sweet cheeks. Keep it together down there, as well as nose, neck, ear, back and chest hair. Would you like it if we didn’t maintain our hair?

Double Standards

Men can go a really long time without responding to a phone call or text message. But god forbid you don’t respond to him immediately and he gets all whiny and keeps texting and calling you asking where you are. Men are more needy than they like to admit.

Not Caring About Holidays

Anniversaries aren’t for you, they’re for us. Men think of anniversaries as just another day of the year. We think of it as a milestone and a celebration of our relationship. Just because you don’t have feelings about something, doesn’t mean we don’t. I don’t care about Sundays during football season, but I continually cook an abundance of food for your 10-plus friends who come over because it means something to you. Let’s reciprocate shall we? This goes for birthdays and religious holidays as well.

Putting The Seat Down

I’m going to champion for men on this one. You don’t need to put the seat down for me. If you have to lift it up to go, it’s the same amount of effort that I would need to exert to pull it down to go. It doesn’t make any sense. This is just something women want control over and it has no merit. Leave the seat up, honey bunch.

Acting Like A Baby When He’s Sick

Why do men act like total pussies when they have an illness? They drag on and whine and beg for you to take care of them. Take some NyQuil and some vitamin C and shut up already.

Adjusting Himself Constantly

I can’t carry on a conversation with you on the couch when your cupping yourself. I don’t know what it’s like to have that junk so maybe I don’t understand, but it’s pretty gross when you’re constantly grabbing at your sweaty business.

Not Proposing

I mean, he doesn’t propose every single day. Isn’t that a little bit excessive? Maybe he’s not proposing because I just nagged 14 things that annoy me about him. Hmm.

10 Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger

10 Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger

These 10 things are guaranteed to help you establish a stronger relationship, especially if you and your partner are having problems.

Hang Out With Other Couples

Spending time with other couples will allow you and your partner to see how how healthy Relationships function. It’s important to have a role model when it comes to building a strong relationship.

Exercise Together

Working out together will not only give you quality time together, but it will also help relieve any stress that may be toxic to your relationship.

Invest In Books

Turning to experts is a great idea when you want to improve your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a relationship advice book to overcome any issues you may have with your significant other.

Pillow Talk

Pillow talk is a great way to be open and honest with one another. It’s a moment that you can both let your guard down and share what’s really on your mind.

Designate A Date Night

Set aside a time to spend together in a relaxing environment. It’s important to keep the romance alive, and having date nights is a great way to focus on just your relationship.


Having verbal disagreements may be what it takes to express your issues and concerns. If you never argue, how can your partner know that you’re upset?

Share A Hobby

Learn something new together that only you two share. Finding a joint hobby is a great way to add excitement to your relationship and rejuvenate your romance.

Get A Baby Sitter

Take a break from everyday life and focus on only your relationship. Your kids are important, but so is finding some alone time.

Go To Counseling

Going to a relationship counselor may provide the comfort and environment needed to get issues out in the open — so you can resolve them.

Focus On Communication

Above all, make sure you always have good communication. Being able to discuss differences and issues without getting frustrated or angry is what having a mature relationship is all about. When something is bothering you, the worst thing you can do is hide it from your partner.

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Weirdest Reasons Why Real Couples Got Divorced

Weirdest Reasons Why Real Couples Got Divorced

His Taste In Movies

A woman divorced his husband because he didn’t like ‘Frozen’. Wait, someone didn’t like ‘Frozen’? Totally fair.

Third Wheel

A man decided to bring his mother to his honeymoon. Then his wife decided to divorce him. Wait, are you telling me that is wrong?

Crazy Cat Lady

A man divorced his wife after she adopted 550 cats. No, that’s not a random number.

Losers Weepers

A man bet his wife at a poker game and lost her. The wife divorced him and married the winner. Makes sense.


A woman realized her husband had her contact information on his cellphone under the lovely nickname ‘Guantanamo’. She proceeded to divorce him. Whatever happened to ‘Pooh-Bear’ and ‘Ladybug’?

Table manners

Apparently no one told this guy that you’re not supposed to eat green beans with bread instead of a fork. Now he’s single.

Bathing Bucket Dispute

Bathing buckets are a thing in India, and a woman took hers very seriously when she decided to divorce her husband for using it.

Clean Freak

A little smudge on a wall made a guy tear it down and build it up again. He’s now waiting to find another wife.

Social Media

If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen, right? That’s what a woman thought when she filed for divorce after her husband failed to update his relationship status.

Olympic Support

The love for the Olympics lead this Chinese man to sell his house so he could run across the country in support for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Now he’s homeless and wifeless.

WoW Addiction

People can get really obsessed with video games. A woman claims that his husband was so addicted to World of Warcraft that she had to divorce him.

Too Ugly

A man sued his wife for having ugly children that looked nothing like them. Turns out the wife had extensive plastic surgery. He won a lot of money and his freedom.

Size Does Matter

A woman divorced his husband for being “too small”, if you know what I mean. Whatever happened to compatibility? Jeez.

50 Shades Of Nope

A powerful businesswoman decided to divorce her husband after ’50 Shades of Grey’ failed to spice up their sex life. Shouldn’t she be divorcing the author instead?

Just Another Woman

A woman lied about her age, saying she was 24 when she was actually 30, and her husband divorced her for it. Shouldn’t we be focusing on the fact that women still have to lie about silly stuff like that?

The Parrot Snitcher

A woman divorced her husband after their parrot started saying words and phrases like: “divorce”, “be patient” and “I love you”. Was the parrot being an undercover informant?

Food Harassment

A vegetarian man filed for divorce from his wife after he claims he was harassed with meat. Yup, that happens.

Yada Yada Yada

He just talked too much! So she obviously had to divorce him.

Taking Care Of Others

I assume there’s more to this story than I could find anywhere, but apparently a woman divorced her husband for feeding stray dogs. Their budget was tight, and he was spending everything.

No Sleep No Wife

If you snore, you’re getting divorced, end of story — at least for a woman who’d probably never heard of ear plugs.

Ways To Give The Perfect Apology To Your Ex After A Bad Breakup

Ways To Give The Perfect Apology To Your Ex After A Bad Breakup

Apologizing to an ex is not an easy task. Check out these tips to give the perfect apology!

Wait A Month

You should wait at least a month before apologizing so that you have plenty of time to process the breakup.

Apologize From The Heart

If you can’t apologize from the heart, you’re not ready to apologize.

Don’t Apologize Just To Get Him Or Her Back

You shouldn’t have a motive behind your apology.

Don’t Argue

You’re apology won’t mean anything to your ex if you end up arguing.

Apologize For Any Pain You Might Have Caused

If you recognize that you caused your ex pain, you need to apologize for it.

Apologize For The Right Reasons

You need to think about the reasons you’re apologizing to make sure you’re not doing it for selfish reasons.

Stay Calm & Be Patient

Your ex might get angry during your apology. If this happens, stay calm and wait till he or she is no longer angry.

Plan What You Will Say

Your ex will be able to tell that you put a lot of time and thought into your apology if you plan what you will say ahead of time.

Explain What Things You Did Wrong

Acknowledge that you know you did certain things wrong and explain them.

Don’t Put Any Blame On Him Or Her

Apologize for the things you did wrong, but do not bring up anything you think he or she did wrong.

Express Empathy

Acknowledge that you know how he or she must have felt when you did certain things.

Be Specific

Don’t beat around the bush with a broad apology.

Apologize In Person

If you can get your ex to meet you somewhere in person, you’re apology will be much more sincere.

Make Realistic Promises

You can make promises that you will work on certain issues, but if you want to get back together with your ex, don’t promise there will never be any conflict. That’s a promise you probably won’t be able to keep.

Follow Up With Positive Changes

This will show you meant everything you said. Actions speak louder than words.