15 Reasons You Should Switch To Girls

15 Reasons You Should Switch To GirlsCheck out these perks to dating girls instead of guys yang dihimpun W88cash.

Sweet Tooth

Women need chocolate in their lives at some point, and men may not understand how intense the cravings can be. A woman is guaranteed to stock up on your favorite sweets when she knows you’ll want them most.

Wet Towels

Women HATE wet towels being left on the floor or on furniture. With no man in the house, there’s no reason to worry about damp towels ruining any carpet or couch.


No need to force your partner to suffer through a chick-flick marathon, because she’ll want to watch just as much as you do.

Share Clothing

Can’t find anything to wear? You can raid your significant other’s side of the closet when dating a female.

Don’t Have To Compete With Video Games

Most men play video games, and most women don’t. You’ll never have to worry about your partner spending more time playing games than with you, because chances are she won’t be into them.

No Beard Hairs In The Sink

For some reason guys can’t shave without leaving hundreds of beard hairs all over the bathroom. I can guarantee that there will be no beard shavings in the sink if you date a woman.

No Guy’s Nights

You won’t have to worry about what your honey is doing during guy’s night out, because you’ll be right there with her during girl’s night out.

Toilet Seat Won’t Be Up

You won’t be falling into the toilet late at night anymore.


Spend Less Money On Meaningless Items

Guys like weird things that women don’t understand spending money on, like the latest electronics. Women generally can agree what’s worth spending big bucks on, and what they can really do without.

Help With Cooking

Some guys enjoy cooking, but most don’t know what they’re doing in the kitchen. Dating a woman means help making dinner because they know you don’t want to do all of the cooking.

Better Listeners

It’s a simple fact that women are better at listening than men are.

Better Cuddling

All women love to cuddle, and dating a female means you’ll never have to worry about your partner being in the mood to spoon

Better Advice

Women can give better advice to fellow females, because they understand more and can relate to one anther.

Better Kissers

Women are more gentle and softer kissers than men are, and what doesn’t sound good about that?!

Understand Your Emotions

Sometimes guys don’t understand why women cry or get mad, but your girlfriend will. It’s never fun getting upset and having your partner be indifferent to you, but that’s not something women have to worry about when their significant other understands perfectly.

Warning Signs That Shout He’s A Stage 5 Clinger

Warning Signs That Shout He’s A Stage 5 Clinger

If the guy you’re seeing meets this criteria, it’s time to abandon ship!

He Plans For The Future

If you haven’t been seeing each other long and he’s already making plans for the future, he’s a clinger.

He’s Constantly Texting You

If he keeps texting you even though you’re clearly ignoring him, it’s time to cut him loose.

He Leaves Stuff At Your Place

A classic characteristic of a stage 5 clinger is leaving something at your place so he has an excuse to see you again.

He Knows Where You Live Even Though You Haven’t Told Him

If he knows where you live even though you never gave him your address, it’s time to run.

He Stalks Your Social Media

A stage 5 clinger will like every picture and update you post on social media.

He Doesn’t Play Hard To Get

Most guys play hard to get when they meet a new girl. If he doesn’t, you might have a stage 5 clinger on your hands

He Says You’re In A Relationship When You’re Not

He will tell his friends and your friends that you are in a serious relationship far too soon.

He Shows Up Wherever You Go

A real stage 5 clinger will start showing up to places where he knows you’ll be even though you didn’t tell him.

He Can’t Take A Hint

No matter how many hints you drop, he still won’t get the hint that you want him to leave.

He Wants To Be With You All The Time

Everyone needs their space, but a stage 5 clinger will want to be with you at all times.

He Shows Up When Another Guy Is Flirting With You

Stage 5 clingers are jealous and will show up when another guy shows an interest in you.

He Guilt Trips You

He will make you feel bad about not wanting to hang out with him until you finally give in.

He Knows Everything About The People In Your Life

He will know all the details about your friends and family members because he’s probably stalking their social media accounts.

He Shows Up To Your Work

He will do this multiple times even after you tell him to stop.

He Wants To Know Where You Are At All Times

He’s taking it too far if he is constantly wanting to know where you are.

Tinder Plus Will Revolutionize Dating Again With ‘Undo-Swipe’ Button

Tinder Plus Will Revolutionize Dating Again With ‘Undo-Swipe’ Button

Ladies and gentlemen, Tinder Plus is about to rock your world by allowing you to undo accidental left-swipes. That’s right, the hottie you accidentally sent away forever can be retrieved with the forthcoming update.

For $6.99 per month Tinder users will soon be able to rectify mistakes that caused tears and late-night status updates about the one that got away. No longer will you damn the app that stole your future spouse over an accidental ‘X’ swipe.

Other Tinder members won’t be able to see that this power is in your hands, so no one will know about your addiction to the app and the fact that you’re paying money to use it.

I think this additional control is a great move for the company that hooks strangers up. It will surely make the user feel more comfortable when casually swiping. It also gives Tinder a great way to monetize their product while giving us a tool that we will actually use and enjoy.

There will be other features added for the monthly fee but they have not been announced yet. I’m hoping for a button that will get rid of users that don’t like animals. Seriously, those people must be evil.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for an in-app notification of the paid update. It is expected to be released in March. Get more benefits with your partner by joining the Gebyar4d program.

15 Unrealistic Female Leads

15 Unrealistic Female Leads

While these these characters and the women who play them can be looked up to, many of their aspects are completely unrealistic for any real, normal human.

Cameron Diaz in The Holiday

Most Unrealistic: Having a dozen beautiful winter coats to wear in England, when you are from L.A. Also, fitting all those coats in one suitcase.

Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Most Unrealistic: Perfect job, friends, apartment, wardrobe, body, life in NYC.

Eva Mendes in The Women

Most Unrealistic: Being a woman whose only goal in life is to break up marriages and buy expensive things.

Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls

Most Unrealistic: Never having to pay for college or rent because everyone surrounding you is somehow rich and eager to help.

Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses

Most Unrealistic: Basically being a saint. Also, having 27 friends close enough to you that they want you as a bridesmaid.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Most Unrealistic: Always looking sexy and sporting cleavage while performing intense physical tasks.

Any Bond Girl

Most Unrealistic: Living to look sexy in a cocktail dress or bikini.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City

Most Unrealistic: Being able to afford those shoes, that lifestyle, and that apartment on a columnists salary.

Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

Most Unrealistic: Surviving after being hit by a bus.

Kiera Knightley in Everything

Most Unrealistic: Being flawless and seemingly made of porcelain.

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

Most Unrealistic: Being the most meticulous villain of all time and making it look doable.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

Most Unrealistic: Bouncing back to a killing machine right after being in a coma for several months.

Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer

Most Unrealistic: Dozens and dozens of men stalking her at her ice cream parlor job and bus route because she is so irresistible.

Lena Dunham in Girls

Most Unrealistic: Being a caricature of the worst kind of 20-something female.

Heike Makatsch in Love Actually

Most Unrealistic: Having only one personality trait.

How Not To Be Labeled A “Creep”

How Not To Be Labeled A “Creep”

Follow these rules to avoid “creep” status. Also, just follow them if you want to be a better human being.

Don’t Laugh at Your Own Jokes

You might miss the fact that no one else is laughing…

Don’t Only Compliment Body Parts

This makes you look sex-obsessed and immature. A woman is more than her boobs/butt/eyes/thighs etc.

Don’t Look at Her Phone

Who she is texting is none of your business, and it makes you look like a jealous weirdo if you look at her phone without her knowledge.

Don’t Ask For Pictures

Especially right away. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t Cat Call


Don’t Gossip

If you are constantly bad mouthing other people, it makes you look super immature and a little crazy.

Don’t Call All the Time

This makes you look like a stalker with a lot of time on your hands.

Don’t Assume

Just because she came over to your house does not mean she wants to sleep with you right now. Don’t ever assume. It makes you look desperate and gross.

Don’t Try and Impress With Material Things

Things only go so far. After awhile, the gifts begin to look suspicious. There are better ways to impress than with money. Money is the easy way.

Don’t Be Late

This is disrespectful and makes you a creep and a jerk. It’s like your time is more valuable than hers.

Don’t Order for Her

Let her eat/drink whatever she wants. She is not a child.

Don’t Act Like Being Gay is Bad

Dudes who are super afraid of looking feminine or seeming gay are ridiculous. This makes you look like a Grade A creep.

Don’t Try to Make Her Jealous

Talking about the other girls who want you/ that you have dated does not make you desirable. It makes you a creep.

Don’t Comment on Her Friends

Calling her friends hot or making jokes about their appearances is a serious no-no.

Don’t Call Her a Slut/Whore/Anything Mean

First of all, who are you to judge? Second of all, just don’t.

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The Pros and Cons of Being A Couple On Valentine’s Day

The Pros and Cons of Being A Couple On Valentine’s Day

Yes, the “dreaded” day for all singles is coming…. Valentine’s Day! But it’s also a dreaded day for some couples. Here are the pros and cons of being in a relationship on this day. Because frankly, why do we need a day to tell someone we love them? What about the other 364 days?

Con: You May Not Have Sex

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day = Sex. So if you are in a relationship and you don’t have sex that could mean that your relationship is either stale, about to crumble, and the sparks in your relationship have vanished.

Pro: You Get Gifts

To some, all they care about is getting presents. And on V-day, if you are a woman you get candy, teddy bears, lingerie, jewelry. And if you are a guy, you too can get some free gifts.

Con: It’s Not Cheap

With gifts cost money. Men will spend an average of 5.61, while women will spend roughly .78.

Pro: It Can Be Romantic

If you crave romance then Valentine’s Day is the DAY for romance. Guys go all out of their way to make it romantic so they can get sex in the end, but they still plan a great evening. And sometimes women come up with some romantic ideas on this day too and end the evening with sex as well.

Con: The Movie

The movie: In a series of interconnected stories, various Los Angeles residents (Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper) wend their way through the highs and lows of love during a single day. As the holiday unfolds, they experience first dates, longtime commitments, youthful crushes and connections to old flames. ( and now this year, 50 Shades of Grey will be on the big screen, making men inferior to having kinky sex like in the movie)

Pro: You Could Get Engaged

Approximately 4 million Americans are expected to propose on Valentine’s Day- that means that if you have been dating for over 6 months, you could be one of those Americans!

Con: The Pressure Is On

The pressure for guys is two-fold. 1) If you have been dating for a long time and don’t propose, you’re screwed. 2) If you have just met her and or started dating, the pressure to get a thoughtful gift and not seem needy or cheap is also on. Yes guys, you are on the clock…

Pro: Spread The Love

This is the one day a year where it’s okay to be sappy and corny. As long as you are spreading the love, isn’t that what matters?

Con: No Freedom

If you are in a relationship on Valentine’s Day then that means you mostly are forced to celebrate, whereas if you single or not in a serious relationship, you don’t have the joy of not having to bother.

Pro: Love Inspires Creativity

Just head over to Pinterest and you will be bombarded with pins on card ideas, gift ideas, poems, love letters, etc. Love inspires us to let our creativity flow. And it’s the perfect way to express our affection for someone.

Con: You Have High Expections

The let down isn’t like every other day let downs. It’s a really, really, big let down. No candy, no gift, no romance… and if you expect a proposal and don’t get it… that leads you to depression lane.

Pro: You Can Rekindle Your Relationship

If your relationship is sinking, this could be the day that changes that all for the better. Being forced to celebrate could remind you of what you have and make you realize what you take for granted. It could bring out the spontaneity in you and having an adventurous day when you least expect it, is awesome!

Con: Red and Pink

The colors red and pink are overplayed. Seriously, who wants to see a guy in a pink shirt with red hearts all over it? Um, not me. And frankly I don’t want to even be in a pink shirt with red hearts all over it. The colors are not symbols of love, they are just colors. You can show your love with blue, orange, yellow or even purple.

Pro: Babies

IF you are looking to start a family, this is a great day to do just that. And what an awesome way to bond with your partner.

Con: Send In The Clowns

The over the top guys and gals on this day! We narrow the focus on the day as a couple’s holiday rather than as a holiday to just show our friends, family and lover how much we care. And what about the other 364 days? What are we supposed to do then? Everyday is Valentine’s Day when you’re with the right person.

Signs You’re Not Getting Lucky Tonight

Signs You’re Not Getting Lucky Tonight

This is for you guys. A woman can get lucky whenever she feels like it, but unfortunately that’s not always the case for menfolk. Here are the signs you should watch out for so you don’t waste your time!

She Says She’s on Her Period

Guess what? She’s probably not! Muahahaha.

Her Body Language

If her back is facing to you more than her front, you’ve already lost.

She’s Got a CB With Her

Yup, if she’s got that ugly friend who wants to drag her home and away from you … 99 percent of the time she’s just gonna go with the friend. Never mess with a c—block.

She Insists on Buying Her Own Drinks

She doesn’t want to owe you anything.

It’s a Sausage Fest

Come on, I had to throw an obvious one in there!

She Keeps Saying She’s Tired

This can be either via text or in person. I think every guy is familiar with this one, either from your wife or from a girl you’re pursuing.

  1. She Doesn’t Look Good

If you’re at home and she’s lounging around in sweats with no makeup on, her confidence level is at a low. If she doesn’t feel sexy, the likelihood of sex has dropped big time.

She Says She Has a Headace

Just like her period, she doesn’t.

‘The Real Housewives’ is on

Yea, you definitely ain’t Getting any honey!

She’s Mentioned the Word Cuddle

If you haven’t even gotten into foreplay and this word comes up, you might as well pull up Safari on that iPhone and hit up RedTube.

She Doesn’t Respond to Your Touch

If you’re the only one doing the touching, you will go no further.

She Brings Up Something Totally Unsexy

Like your mother. She’s deflecting, and she just won.

You Got the Eye Roll

My favorite facial expression! This means no more than the word “no” does.

She Hasn’t Shaved

Most women get self conscious if they haven’t shaved, and I’m not just talking about legs and armpits. Some women will intentionally not shave before going to to stop themselves from a random hook-up because they don’t want to be embarrassed.

She Tells You to Get Off

You’ve heard it. You’ve heard it a hundred times. An oldie, but a goodie.

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